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Locate the HE280 .5mm Brass Nozzle.

Screw the nozzle into the bottom of the heater block until it makes contact with the heat break. Finger tight!

On the next step, tightening the nozzle, be sure not to damage the heater cartridge with the 15mm or 5/8 wrench.

Be sure the Nozzle is screwed in almost all the way before starting to tighten. You should be able to see one row of threads when fully tightened. See Pic #2.

Tighten the nozzle fully, using a 15mm or 5/8 wrench on the heater block and a 6mm or 1/4 wrench on the nozzle.

It shouldn't take more than a 1/4-1/2 turn from the wrench to snug up the nozzle. If it isn't tightening, you started with the heat break screwed in too far and the nozzle not screwed in enough. Don't make an expensive mistake.

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