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NOTE: This step is not performed for the H2 Delta printer or when upgrading Rostock Max v1/v2 or Orion Delta printers.

Measure 32" from the end of the whip with the Pluggable 8 position Push-In Wire Terminal Plug and make a mark on the mesh loom (Applying a piece of tape works well)

Align the Cable Mount Hub (26220) with the mark. (The reference is the opposite of the threads on the cable mount hub, as shown in the pic)

Use your available tools to tighten the hub securely to the loom. (For this example a crescent wrench and vise grip was used)

You will be tightening this fitting nearly 100%. It is designed in such a way that the teeth that grip the wires/loom will not cause any harm to the wires/loom.

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