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NOTE: This step is not performed for the H2 Delta printer or when upgrading Rostock Max v1/v2 or Orion Delta printers.

You will now install the supplied 2 position terminal plugs onto the remaining wires. (They are packed in the white box with the RAMBo board) The HE280 Whip Diagram shows the correct connections. These connectors can be found in the bag of terminals in the RAMBo box

Make sure the screws in the terminal blocks are as loose as possible to prevent strands of the wires being forced under the connectors.

The orange wire (Layer Fan) will be inserted into one of the 2 position terminal blocks.

The red and black wires (Hot End 12v power) will be inserted into the other 2 position terminal block.

Be sure to get the polarity correct (as shown in the diagram

Tighten the screw terminals as tight as possible, including the vacant position on the terminal block with the orange wire (layer fan).

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