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Insert the heat shrink tubing that you stretched in the previous step onto the whip. The stretched out portion should be facing the end of the whip without any terminated wires.

Next, you will insert the wires (from the end of the whip without any connectors) into the Pluggable 8 position Push-In Wire Terminal Plug End. The correct order of wires is shown here: HE280 Whip Diagram

It is critical that the wires are not frayed at the ends, and that you insert them into the correct locations in the Pluggable 8 position Push-In Wire Terminal Plug. The orange wire should be inserted into POSITION 1 in this plug (as noted on the HE280 Whip Diagram)

Insert the wires one at a time. The preferred method is to use needle nose pliers to grasp the wire approximately 5mm from the end of the insulation and use the wires to push the end of the wire into the plug. Grasp the wire again approximately 5mm from the plug and push the wire in again. Repeat if necessary.

If you are having difficulty with the smaller gauge wires, you can depress the pin from the side of the connector, gently, with a flathead. While holding the flathead in place, insert the wire all the way into the connector, remove the flathead. The wire should go in easy and stay snuggly fit after the flathead is removed.

Give each wire a gentle push and pull to ensure that is securely seated in the plug. The move onto inserting the next wire until you have inserted all 8 wires.

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