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You will need to install KK connector housings on the whip wires first. Be sure that the whip is already fed through the cable mount hub!

When inserting the wires in the white Molex KK connectors, make sure you're using the connectors we sent you in the kit, NOT the ones included in the Duet box!

LED: Green Wire - 2 pin KK connector - PIN 2

HE FAN: Purple Wire - 2 pin KK connector - PIN 2

LAYER FAN: Orange Wire - 2 pin KK connector - PIN 2

PROBE: Red PIN 1, Blue PIN 2, Black PIN 3, White Wire PIN 4 - 4 pin KK connector

E0 TEMP: 2 White Wires - 2 pin KK connector - PINS 1 & 2 (Polarity DOES NOT matter)

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