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When installing the end stop switches, please make sure that they're oriented as shown in the photos. (The red arrow is indicating the "button" on the switch. It should be closest to the TSLOT hardware. Additionally, make sure that the endstop switches are level. This can best be done by pushing them up or down as you tighten the screws.

First install the end stop switches. You'll need a #1 Phillips screwdriver in order to install the 2-56 screws used to fix the end-stop switches in place. Take care to not over-tighten the screws! The switch body is delicate and is easy to crush. The holes are not tapped/thread.

Insert the 6-32 nylon lock nuts into their pockets. (2 per injection molded piece).

Next install the stepper motors using (4) M3 x 10mm screws and washers. Do not tighten these screws. The stepper motor pivots to allow for tensioning the belts (completed later)

Install the TSLOT hardware. Remember to only start the 1/4-20 button head screws into the TSLOT nuts.

Install two bearing / cover assemblies per injection molded plate. (this is different than the base assembly which only used 1 bearing / cover assembly per plate)

If you've reached this point and the little metal lever arms are still on your end stop switches, REMOVE THEM RIGHT NOW. Carefully mind you, but REMOVE THEM.

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