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Locate the 18awg green, white, and black wires shown.

You will crimp spade connectors on both ends of the shorter 18awg black wire.

On the remaining green, white, and black 18awg wires, you will crimp a spade connector on one end and a small (red) ring terminal on the other end.

You will then connect the wires to the plug and switch. The IEC plug is labeled with L, N, and ground symbol. The short black wire (with (2) spade connectors) will go to L, The white wire will go to N, and the Green wire will go to ground.

The short black wire with (2) spade connectors will go to the rocker switch (tab does not matter).

The longer black wire will connect to the remaining tab on the rocker switch.

With the remaining red ring terminals, you will crimp them onto the 60mm fan leads.

Your completed assembly should look similar to that of the photo.

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