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The red and black 18awg wires from the X tower DO NOT have connectors. These are for the E0 Heat.

You will install these wires in the Wago Connectors that are attached to the top of the power supply.

Black to Black & Red to Red.

If you are having trouble getting these wires to reach you may need to get feed some of the whip back into the tower (in the hole in the side of the X Tower) to provide enough length for these wires.

Lift up on the orange lever on the Wago connector without a wire in it and insert the wire all the way until it stops. Then flip the lever down. This will secure the wire. Repeat for the other wire.

You may need to strip a little extra of the sheathing off to make sure that the Wago connector is properly clamping down on the metal of the wire.

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