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The first set of wires to feed in the Z Tower are the 18awg wires. These are the thicker wires from the Z Tower Wire Pack. Please ensure to have them oriented the correct way.

You will feed from the bottom of the tower (opposite the stepper motor). Feed the following: 18awg white and green wire with ring terminal, 18awg black wire with straight spade terminal, 18awg wire with NO terminal.

These wires can be fed by pushing small bits at a time. If you feel resistance, back the wires out about 25mm and then try pushing forward again.

Ensure you get the same number of wires exiting the end the end of the tower that you started feeding.

Now run the remaining wires. This is easiest using a piece of filament to pull wire.

Run the included mesh loom over the wires and secure with a zip tie. This is to secure the wires for later steps.

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