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You will now install the Z tower, similarly to how you installed the X tower. The Z tower is the one in which you previously ran wires down. Start by making sure the end-stop legs are folded over.

Begin by measuring the length of the wires that exit the Z tower. You will want to have 1 foot of wire exiting the tower at the bottom. Make the adjustment of the wires now.

As you did before, grasp all the wires at the top of the tower (the end with the stepper motor) fold them into the relief in the T-Slot and hold to give them some memory.

Feed the wires into the opening in the side of the upper assembly. This is the opening that is the opposite of the name badge (front of the printer).

Slide the tower into the opening as you did with the X tower.

Make sure to look from the outside of the tower towards the center of the upper assembly and ensure that the wires are ALL in their relief.

Attach the tower to the upper assembly using 2 each of the provided 1/4-20 x 1" long button head screws, split ring washer, and flat washer. Fully Tighten.

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