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Now we're going to put the male, 4 pin latching connector on to the hot end.

Strip about 1/4" of insulation from the four wires coming off the hot end. Depending on the version of the Rostock MAX you have, you'll either have 2 18ga and 2 26ga wires, or 4 18ga wires as shown in photo #1. Add a male crimp pin to each of the four wires.

Insert the wires into the male connector shell as shown in photo #2. Make sure you've got the orientation correct! You do NOT want to put power to the thermistor! You'll destroy it. If your hot end uses 2 18ga and 2 26ga wires, ensure that the 18ga wires go into the first two positions on the left of the connector (red & black).

This of course means that the 2 26ga wires will end up in the two positions on the right.

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