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I set my soldering iron to 476c (about 880 F) on my soldering iron for this task. Heat your soldering iron and get your desoldering braid ready as shown in pic 1.

Place the desoldering braid over the first heater connector solder point as shown in Pic 2.

Place the soldering iron on the desoldering braid and allow it to heat up both the desoldiering braid and solder point and the desoldering braid will wick up the solder.

It will take multiple points on the desoldering braid to desolder all the solder that is in the hole.

You can see in Pic 3 the desoldering braid with the soaked up solder and the clean hole for the heater solder point.

Repeat this process for the second solder point on the heater plug. Once both are clean of solder, you may still need to heat the points while pulling on the power plug for any residual solder inside the hole and remove the power plug.

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