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If your machine is setup for wifi and running duet web control, go to your printers page, and you have two options.

If you are ready to start printing now, click Upload & Print at the top of the screen and select the file you saved in the previous step. This will send the file and start the printing process right away.

If you wish to print it later, you can click G-Code Files on the left side of the screen then click Upload G-Code Files on the right below the voltage reading.

If you are running on the LCD touch screen, copy the saved gcode file to a SD card. Insert the SD card in the machine and touch the icon for the SD card.

The default gcode files listed will be for the card installed in the duet and not the card inserted into the LCD. You will click the top left button to change what SD card is accessed. This button will change between the card in the Duet and the card in the LCD. Click the file you saved and select Print to start the print.

The files listed when on the file list of the LCD labeled "Files on card 0" are the files on the SD in the Duet board. The files labeled as "Files on card 1" are the files on the SD card inserted into the LCD itself.

The results of the print should look similar to what is shown in Picture 3.

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