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If you change the location of the prime tower, you may want to change the location of the filament swap to be near the prime tower so the hotend moves away from the part to swap the filament.

Click the arrow next to the printer name. Then click Manage Printers. (Pic 1)

Click machine settings button in the settings box that pops up to go into that machines info.

Click Extruder 1 and look at the Extruder Start and End Gcode boxes.

The first line will be the travel location for the filament swap. With the default setup of the machine if you followed the beginning of this guide, it will be at the front of the bed (X0, Y-130).

If you move the prime tower, you will want to also put the filament swap near that location as well. Keep in mind the center of the machine is 0,0. Positive values to X will go to the right of the bed, negative values to the left. For Y axis positive values will go toward the rear of the bed, negative values will go towards the front of the bed.

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