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The most common joining method used in our kits is with a 6-32 x 1" Pan Head Machine Screw with 6-32 Nylon Lock Nut.

Anytime that you see the cross like shape (left-hand image) you are going to assume that the 6-32 Nylon Lock Nut (or in 4 locations: 2-56 finish nuts)will be inserted. This will help cut back on some of the text in the document, which is a win for everyone!

As you can see, the nut is oriented such that the flat sides of the nut fit into the laser cut pocket. The laser cut pockets are designed to be a very snug fit.

However, sometimes the pockets may feel a bit too tight. If this is the case, try inserting the nut in from the other face. It may be easier due to the slight bevel the cut has in it due to the laser focus.

You may also run into a situation where the nut pocket doesn't hold the nut tightly enough to keep it from falling out. In that case, you should use a small bit of tape to hold the nut in place until there's a screw driven into it.

The simplest way to install the lock nuts is to use a pair of needle nosed pliers and grip the nut as shown on the left

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