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Locate the (2) Carriage Side Plates, Spring Arm assembly put together in step 2, (2) R4 Bearings with covers, Bearing Bushing 3/4 Position, (3) 6-32 x 2" Phillips Flat Head Screws, (3) 6-32 Nylon Lock Nuts, (7) #6 Washers, and (2) Plastic Bearings, and (1) 6-32 x 1/2" Socket Head Cap Screw.

The Carriage Side Plates are symmetrical, therefore left/right can be interchanged.

Orient the components are shown in the animation. The 6-32 x 1/2" Socket Head Cap Screw should be the last item installed to ensure that is placed in the correct location (back left side). This screw be secured with a 6-32 Nylon Lock Nut (not shown in the animation).

NOTE: The Spring Arms can be installed in either orientation, But when it comes time to install the Carriage on the TSLOT the Spring Arm must be in such a way that the bearings are closer to the TSLOT than the pivot point.

You should fully tighten the (2) 6-32 x 2" screws that attach the sides to the Bearing Bushing 3/4 Position.

Tighten the 6-32 x 2" screw that passes through the Spring Arms with 1/2 turn increments. You want the Spring Arms to be secured, but you still want them to be able to pivot. If you find that you have over tightened this screw and the Spring Arms no longer can pivot, back the screw out slightly until they can pivot again.

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