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No parts required.

    • This animation highlight the assembly / installation of the EZR Struder.

    • Your EZR Struder will come nearly fully assembled from SeeMeCNC.

  1. Locate the EZR Struder pack from your kit or order.
    • Locate the EZR Struder pack from your kit or order.

      • If you are assembling a printer kit, you will also need to locate the bank of stepper motors packaged in bubble wrap. You will need (1) stepper motor for the EZR Struder assembly.

      • If you are upgrading your extruder on a machine you will need to remove the old extruder from the stepper motor.

    • The main bodies of the EZR Struder have been zip tied together so they stay together during shipping. You will need to cut that zip tie and remove it.

    • Keep the EZR Struder assembled

    • The orientation of the EZR Struder with the stepper motor is different for different machines.

      • The image with the red arrows shows the correct oriantaiton when installing the EZR Struder on the H2.

      • The image with the blue arrows shows the correct oriantaiton when installing the EZR Struder on the Rostock Max v3.

    • You will be attaching the EZR Struder to the stepper motor using (4) M3 x 10mm screws in the locations indictaed by blue arrows.

    • Fully tighten the screws

    • Locate the Hobbed Drive Roller and the included Allen Wrench.

    • Slide the hobbed drive roller onto the stepper motor shaft. Note the orientation of the hobbed drive roller shown in the second image.

    • Press the red release lever and slide the hobbed drive roller down into the EZR Struder assembly until the midpoint of the hobbed portion is aligned with the split between the base and cover pieces (indicated by a green arrow)

    • Rotate the stepper motor shaft so the flat is in the orientation indicated by the blue arrow.

    • Align the hobbed drive roller so that the set screw will be set against the flat in the stepper motor shaft.

    • Tighten the set screw fully using the supplied allen wrench.

    • Install the stepper motor handwheel by aligning the flat of the molded handwheel with the flat of the stepper motor shaft and pressing down until it bottoms out.

    • The stepper motor handwheel is used for manually advancing / retracting filament.

    • If this is going to be installed in a new build install the (2) 6-32 x 1" machine screws and lock-nuts in the remaining 2 holes in the EZR Struder plates and hand tighten only

      • HAND-TIGHTEN ONLY. These are being placed here for safekeeping only.

    • If you are upgrading a printer and ready to install, you will now install the EZR Struder using the (2) 6-32 x 1" machine screws and Nylon lock-nuts to mount your EZR Struder into you extruder mount.

      • The black lanyard clips are installed once the bowden tube is installed in the EZR Struder. We send plenty of extra in case you ever lose one.

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We meet again... Good job being careful to build right. I suspect many problems members come in to 3DPC 3D Printing Club are related to the build. Things affected by a poor or wrong build, one may never know. Quietness, operation, life of parts and print quality. I'm not even going to talk about poor electronics, scary. Reminds me to mention. No matter how high quality your rig is, please install a smoke detector close to your work area and keep everyone safe. Back to the build. High Five! ^5

ALfred - Reply

Why are there no instructions on removing the "EzStruder" simply telling to do it is ludicrous. I bought the machine whole. I don't know all of the parts for everything...

...Couldn't you at least make a 5 minute YouTube video?

Jay Johnson - Reply

you are missing the beginning and the end to the instructions? you guys make like 4 different 3d printers and couldn't make a video upgrading each one? Im sure the product works great but the information on how to actually upgrade or use it is terrible

David Tapp - Reply

Is the EZR+Struder ok to fit Creality CR-10? Do you ship to UK?

Brian Weedon - Reply

Hey Brian,

you may want to check out Chuck Hellebuyck's Youtube. He just fitted this extruder on a Ender 3, wich is similar to the CR-10.

I’ve ordered one the other for day 14$ shipping via USPS to Switzerland. If you don’t find the USPS shipping option, get in touch with them by email and they will make that option available for you.

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