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There are (3) 3 pin connectors in the RAMBo kit required for this step.

Label one each of the connectors with X Y & Z

Determine and separate the pairs of wires and note their tower positions (XYZ). This is easy to do by length, since the wires are routed around the printer. X wires will the longest, Z the next longest, and Y the shortest.

In the first image the wiring positions are noted with colored lines. Black will be for the black wire. Blue will be for the white wire. The plastic connector has an arrow molded into the part. This arrow is the indicator for pin 1.

Insert the black end stop wire into 3 pin connector into pin 1 (reference the image for correct installation. The red arrow in the image is indicating the latching mechanism, that should be facing up).

Insert the white end stop wire into 3 pin connector into pin 2 (middle position. This will insert the same as the black wire).

Bundle the wires together and attach them to the Top Base Plate with a Zip Tie. as shown.

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