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    • Remove the white plastic springs. Stretching one side at a time to release the ball on the spring. Set aside.

    • Pull each ball joint, unsnapping the arm from the ball studs.

    • Save arms just in case you need to return to a stock configuration.

    • Snap all six new carbon fiber arms.

    • Install the six white plastic ball springs.

    • Connect to the printer and navigate to Settings>System Editor

    • Delete the following files:

      • config-override.g

      • heightmap.csv

    • Settings>System Editor

    • Edit config.g - locate line M665, usually about 10 or 12 lines down.

      • Artemis 300 set L to 340.5 (L340.5)

      • RostockMAX v3.2 set L to 340.5 and H to 350.

        • If you do not change the H value, the machine will crash into the glass before being able to probe. The carbon fiber arms are longer than stock arms, shortening the max Z length.

    • The arm length value is a starting point. Although the arms are made in a precision jig, there may be variances and this value may need to be slightly adjusted if you are looking to print parts with specific size values. Adjusting and re-calibrating may be needed to tweak the final print size output.

    • Save and reset, reboot, or power cycle the printer

    • Prepare for probing by clearing the nozzle and print bed as usual

    • Click the macro 'First Probe'

    • Wait for completion.

    • Remember DO NOT use the button labeled "Auto Delta Calibration" Instead we use the macros we wrote.

    • Remember NEVER use software auto leveling in any slicing software. Auto leveling and calibration is performed by the firmware on ALL SeeMeCNC 3D printers.

    • Remember when cleaning glass or changing a nozzle to use "Probe Autolevel" calibration macro.

    • The "Probe Autolevel" macro calibrate your printer using SeeMeCNC developed g-code.

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