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[title] Install Blower Fans
[* black] Insert the wire for the fan through the hole in the platform as shown in Pic 1. There is an arrow on the bottom of the fan showing the direction of airflow, this arrow should be aimed toward the center of the platform.
+[* icon_caution] Over tightening the #4 screws will BREAK the fan mounting tabs. This IS NOT covered by warranty. Use care when installing the blower fans by not over tightening the screws.
[* black] Using 2 of the supplied #4, 3/8" screws (the short ones from the kit) attach the fan to the platform. DO NOT over tighten these as they can strip out the fan. Only tighten them snug.
[* black] Repeat this process for the remaining 2 fans so all 3 fans are attached to the platform .