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Step Lines

[title] Download SeeMeCNC Slice Settings
[* black] Download and extract the [|SeeMeCNC Slicing Profiles]
[* black] Save/move them to a location where you can access them in the future steps / or to return to defaults.
[* black] There are several different pre-configured slicing profiles for you to choose from. They have been broken into categories for hot end type (ERIS, HE280, & SE300) and slicing engine(MatterControl, Slic3r, & Cura) . This guide will show you how to import the appropriate settings in future steps.
[* black] HE280 comes stock on all Orion Delta and Rostock Max v3 printers
- [* black] SE300 comes stock on the Artemis 300
+ [* black] SE300 comes stock on the Artemis 300 and Rostock Max v3.2