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[title] Using MatterControl / First Print
-[* black] Your printer and software are now setup and ready to print, but before you do you need to get up to speed using MatterControl.
-[* black] The following document will help you understand MatterControl's features and work flow and ultimately it will walk you through printing your first parts.
- [* icon_reminder] [|MatterControl User Guide|new_window=true]
+[* black] Your next step is to download and check out the [|MatterControl User Manual|new_window=true] It will guide you through setting up MatterControl and running your first print!
+[* black] You can also check out: [[Topic:Setup and Slicing User Guides|Setup and User Guides|new_window=true]] to find other helpful resources such as changing filament, exporting GCODE to the SD card, and more. It would be a good idea to bookmark that page.