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[title] Visual Bill of Materials
-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] When you receive your Droplit v2 it will come in a single box with all of the machine components inside.
+[* black] Upon opening the box you will find packaging material to protect the parts. Remove this packaging material.
+[* black] At the top of the box will be the Acrylic Panels, and laser cut melamine. Remove these items from the box.
+[* black] Next you will find another smaller box. This contains the hardware packs and miscellaneous components for building the kit.
+[* black] Do a quick inventory of the parts. Each section of the builds hardware is packaged separately. You will find packing list for each sub-section in their respective bag of hardware.
+ [* black] NOTE: The Electronics Parts and Hardware pack have some larger components that have been placed loosely in the box.