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Hello I pccked up a used 300 how do i connect to it any help would be great thanks

dwj - Reply

Does anyone have the issue and or solution of the head on their Artemis 300 coming down on the finished part after every print?

Any info would be appreciated!!

Gabriel - Reply

what if you purchased ethernet options. this only refers to wifi

Mike Christen - Reply

Hey Ryan, thanks for this guide.

As a Rostock Max owner that have always pre-heated the bed and hot end in before calibration, I was wondering if I had to do the calibration with the Hot end and Bed heated or not. After reading seemecnc forum, I see that doesn’t really matters. I think it could be good to mention it, for those “old schoolers” like myself :-)


Art - Reply

Nothing about loading filament? I know the printer didn’t come with any, but it’d still be nice to have that step before the gcode loading step.

Anddy - Reply

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