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You can view the slice preview in Slic3r by clicking on the Preview and/or Layers tab near the bottom of the virtual build area. This provides you with the opportunity to view the toolpathing before actually running the print.

Now it is time to print. There are two main option for sending the GCODE to the printer. 1) Export the GCODE to the SD card (preferred method) or 2) Printing direct from Slic3r. Both are highlighted below

Export to SD Card: Click on "Export G-code..." near the upper right of Slic3r. This will open a dialogue for navigating to the SD card. Save the GCODE to the SD card. You can then eject the SD card and transfer it to your printer.

Printing from Slic3r: Click on the "Print..." button near the upper right of Slic3r. This will take you to the "Controller" tab of Slic3r where you can then connect to the printer (if not already connected) and print the part by clicking the "Print This" button.

Your contributions are licensed under the open source Creative Commons license.