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Install a retaining clip on the hot-end end of the Bowden tube and insert the Bowden tube into the hot end.

The Bowden tube will fit nearly the entire length of the hot end, so make sure it's fully seated. Our assembly team marks the Bowden Tube before inserting it into the hot end. The mark is placed at 46mm. When the tube is inserted it should be at or below the top of the black ring on the PTC adapter.

Kits shipped after 2/24 (from SeeMeCNC) will come with an HE280 PTC Tool. If you kit was shipped prior to this date, you can print your own tool (found on or simply use a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Loosen the PTC Adapter 2-1/2 Rotations. 2-1/2 rotations is a critical amount, do not loosen any more/less.

Rest the nozzle down against the build plate (or on a solid surface if the HE280 is removed from the machine)Seat the PTFE tube down in the hotend as far as it can go. Be sure to push hard to get it seated.

While maintaining downward pressure on the PTFE tube, tighten the PTC adapter slowly. Ensure that the heat sink, and heater block are not rotating while you are tightening the PTC adapter.

The PTC Adapter should tighten 2-1/2 full rotations (the amount you loosened it). This will cause the black ring in the top of the PTC adapter to rise up as its teeth engage the PTFE tube.

Insert the lanyard clip in the PTC adapter (under the black ring).

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