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Using a utility or hobby knife blade, carefully cut a 100mm long section of ptfe tubing from the tubing provided. Chamfer one edge of this 100mm long tube. This is the end that goes into the dual feed adapter. The other end of this 100mm section goes down and into the hotend.

Cut the remaining ptfe tubing in half. Each of these will be the new bowden tubes running from the EZRstruders down to the dual feed adapter. Install the bowden tubes into each of the extruders. Be sure to install the supplied lanyard clips. After installation of the lanyard clip, give the bowden tube a final press up into the extruder assembly.

Install the short bowden tube with the chamfered end into the dual adapter on the output (single) side. The chamfered side should be inserted into the dual filament adapter. Install the lanyard clip.

Slide lanyard clips onto the 2 long bowden tubes and install them into the dual adapter on the input side. Then clip the lanyard clips in place.

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