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Make sure the glass is attached with clips and clear of any obstruction. Be sure nozzle is clean with out filament. The nozzle will come down in the follow steps and tap the bed, probing to automatically level the print surface.

Power on the printer and insert an SD card into the LCD control panel.

Push in the LCD control knob to select. Turn the knob to scroll to the bottom and select "Advanced Settings" by pushing in the knob.

Turn the knob again to "Calibration Menu" and push in to select

Turn the knob to "Full Calibration" and push in to select.

Turn the knob to select "Begin Calibration" and the machine will home, then automatically move down to the print surface and tap. This is measuring the surface and storing information so your first layer is perfect.

When it's finished, the bottom of the machine will say "CALIBRATION COMPLETE" or say failed if it did not work. Try again, perhaps the nozzle was not clean.

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