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Now plug your webcam into the Pi and go to the IP address of your Pi in a web browser. This will bring you to a login page for motionEye. The default is set up for Username: Admin and no password so leave that blank.

You will see a message saying you have not configured your camera, so click that link to set up your camera. Your camera should be auto detected, so on the next popup the dropdown should show your web cam. Click OK to continue.

This should turn on the camera and you should get a picture from your camera. On this page you can configure everything for motionEye. If you wish to set a different user name and password to log into the camera, you can do so under general settings.

By toggling ON advanced settings under the general settings tab, you can change lots of settings and adjust the webcam settings to get your picture better. I suggest only changing one thing a little at a time and click the apply button so you can always go back if the changes are not to your liking.

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