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At this point check the tension in the belt between the idler and the motor gear. If there is play in the belt or if when you move the carriage up and down, the belt seems loose or skips on the motor pulley, you will now tighten the belt and secure the motors in place.

Rotate the motor (blue arrow) to tighten the belt. Do not make it extremely tight, just take up any slack in the belt to get it tight enough not to skip or have backlash. The motor will rotate on the bottom most screw and the other 3 will travel in the slots they are in.

While holding the motor in place, tighten the 4 screws holding the motor in place and secure the motor into place (red arrows). The motor should not need to be turned all the way so the screws are at the end of the slots.

If you need to turn the motor so the screws are at the farthest location in the slots, bring the motor back to as in the picture, and go back to the last step and re-install the belt clamp with the belt tighter and come back to the motor after.

Once the belt is tight and the motor is secured with the 4 screws, repeat this process on the other two towers so all 3 belts are tight and motors are secured.

If over time the belts loosen, you will come back to these screws, loosen the motor, rotate to tighten the belt, and tighten screws to secure the motor in place. This will re-tighten the belt.

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