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Current machines will have the motor connectors already installed. Newest machines will have Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue wires instead of what is shown. If this is the case, ignore this step.

Machines AFTER 3/20/2018: Motors can have a black connector and different color wiring, They are connected with the smooth side of the plug towards the edge of the Duet.

The wires of the motion stepper motors will install into Molex KK 4 pin connectors. These wires will install into the connectors similarly to how previous wires were installed into the KK connectors.

PIN 1 is indicated with a "1" on the connector. It is difficult to see if you are not looking at it closely, but it is there.

Blue wire: Pin 1

Red wire: Pin 2

Green wire: Pin 3

Black wire: Pin 4

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