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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[title] Attaching the Probe PCB to the Hot End Assembly
+[* black] For this task, you'll need the Hot End Assembly, the Probe PCB, and the Locking PTC Adapter.
+[* icon_note] The Locking PTC Adapter has a PTFE tube in it. Remove the tube from the adapter before you begin.
+[* black] Insert the PTFE tube into the top of the heat sink until only 4 or 5mm are exposed at the top.
+[* black] Center the Probe Board on top of the heat sink and install the threaded Locking PTC Adapter. When you install the adapter, thread it in slowly - ***++stop when you feel the adapter begin to compress the PTFE tubing++***.
+[* black] Fix the PCB and Hot End together by tightening the locking nut as indicated by the red arrow. Tighten with the blue plastic HE280 PTC tool (not shown).

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