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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[title] Complete Hot End Assembly
+[* black] For this task, you'll need the heater block assembly, the heatsink assembly, and the nozzle.
+[* icon_note] The "bottom" of the heater block is the side where the heater cartridge retaining screw was installed. ''Also, the heater block and nozzle shown in the 2nd photo are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely match your hardware.''
+[* black] Screw the nozzle into the bottom of the heater block, leaving a gap of about 1mm between the back face of the nozzle and the heater block.
+[* black] Tighten the nozzle against the heat break with an 8mm or 5/16 wrench for the heat break and a 6mm or 1/4" wrench for the nozzle.
+[* icon_caution] ***It shouldn't take more than a 1/4-1/2 turn from the wrench to snug up the nozzle. If it isn't tightening, you started with the heat break screwed in too far and the nozzle not screwed in enough. Don't make an expensive mistake.***

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