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Step Lines

+[title] Install Cartridge and Thermistor
[* black] Insert the heater cartridge into the heater block. The wires from the heater cartridge should exit the same side the set screw is on that holds the thermistor in place.
[* black] Tighten the screw to secure the heater cartridge in place. You can use pliers to hold the block in place while tightening the screw.
[* black] Locate the thermistor cartridge and allen key.
[* black] Insert the thermistor FULLY (you may need to loosen or remove the setscrew that is pre-installed so the thermistor cartridge can be fully inserted.
[* black] Use the allen key to tighten the set screw to hold the thermistor in place.
[* icon_caution] DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the set screw for the thermistor. Once the set screw is snug, you only need to turn about 1/2 turn beyond to tighten. Over tightening can damage the thermistor