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Step Lines

-[* black] Slide the silicone tube over the wires and over the splices, covering everything as to cover the heating cartridge legs and crimps so nothing can short.
+[* black] Locate the heater block, nozzle, and heatsink body you just disassembled.
+[* black] Screw the heat break and heatsink into the heater block watching the threads of the heat break until the end of the threads are just about even with the the heater block.
+[* icon_note] The heat sink screws into the heat block into the side opposite of the screws
+[* black] Screw the nozzle into the heater block on the side with the screw and set screw as shown in pic 1.
+[* black] Use an adjustable wrench or 6mm socket to tighten the nozzle. The nozzle tightens against the heat break to create a seal inside the heater block.

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