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[title] Starting Wiring Connections
[* black] Image one shows the common terminal locations on the Duet board. Please reference this when preparing for wire installations.
+[* icon_caution] When inserting the wires in the white Molex KK connectors, make sure you're using the connectors we sent you in the kit, NOT the ones included in the Duet box!
[* black] We will begin with the end-stop switches. You will need to install three pin KK terminal housings on each set of end stop wires. The wires will install in terminals 1 & 3.
[* black] You will then plug them into the Duet Board. You must ensure that you get the correct end-stop plugged in with the corresponding location on the Duet Board. If not we will run into issues during later setup.
[* black] You will then secure the end-stop wires with a cable tie.