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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[title] Installing Towers
+[* black] We will start with installing the Z tower in the base assembly. You will start by aligning the T-Slot Nuts in the motor mount assembly so that are all in a vertical orientation as shown. '
+[* black] Next you will feed the 12awg wire down through the melamine plate.
+[* black] Insert the extrusion into the base top plate, and then through each set of the TSLOT hardware. You will need to have the TSLOT nuts in a vertical orientation to be accepted by the extrusion. You also may need to loosen the TSLOT nuts if you have them too tight.
+[* icon_caution] You should not force the extrusion into the assembly. Be careful while working the extrusion down into the plate and through the TSLOT hardware. Too much side-to-side motion can fracture the base plate.
+[* black] Upon seating the extrusion, you should route the wires around the idler plate as shown and tighten the (4)1/4-20 button head screws.