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+[title] Installing the Ball Joints
+[* black] The images for this step show the installation of the ball joints and end stop striker on the carriages after installation on the printer. We will go ahead and install them ***prior*** to installing the carriages on the printer.
+[* black] Align the ball joint with the posts on the inside of the carriage and press on. You should attempt to evenly press the ball joint onto the carriage.
+[* black] Secure the ball joint to each post using a #4 washer and a #4 x 1/2" sheet metal screw.
+[* black] Repeat these steps for each of the three carriages.
+[* black] Install the 4-40 x 3/4" screws into the top of the carriage as shown in the image. You should tighten the screw until you start to feel some resistance. At that point STOP and do not tighten any further.
+ [* black] This screw is the trigger for the end-stop.

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