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Step Lines

-[* black] H
+[title] Install the Ball Cup Arms
+[* black] To install the arms, snap (2) ball cup arms onto a set of carriage ball joints.
+[* black] Insert the tensioning spring between the arms in the slot.
+[* black] Do this for all three sets of arms.
+[* black] Next, you will attach the arms to the hot end. When installing the hot end: The fan in the upright position blowing across the hot end should be parallel with the Z (back) tower & The 8 pin connector should be in line with the Y axis (front right). Insert the tension spring into the arms and then snap the ball cup arms onto the ball joints.
+[* black] Connect all three sets of arms to the hot end.
+[* icon_note] Ensure that you have installed the hot end in the correct orientation. Refer to the 3rd image.

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