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-[* black] H
+[title] Soldering Wires to Heated Bed
+[* black] Move the heated bed close enough to the printer that the wires will reach the pads that you have tinned.
+[* black] Fan out the exposed strands of wire for the 12awg red and black wires. Solder them to the heated bed in the location indicated. NOTE: These are large wires and pads. You will need to ensure that the pads and wire strands get hot enough to wick the solder throughout resulting a good solder joint. Apply additional solder as needed.
+[* black] Solder the thermistor leads to the pads where indicated. There is not polarity so either wire on either pad will work. Since these pads are smaller, you want to be sure not to heat them too hot for too long or the pad can detach from the board.
+[* black] Cover the soldered thermistor locations and thermistor hole with Kapton Tape (or equivalent)

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