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-[* black] H
+[title] Install Side Plate
+[* black] Insert 6-32 nylon lock nuts into the nut traps on the injection molded base sides.
+[* black] Install the first base side between the X & Z towers.
+[* black] Secure the base side with (2) 6-32 x 1" screws.
+[* black] Fasten the EZR Struder side plate to the base side plate using (2) 10-32 socket head cap screws. The holes in the injection molded side panels are not tapped / threaded. Make sure you put some pressure on the screws and keep them straight.
+[* black] Route the wires around the top assembly clockwise as before. You will route through the same locations as the other stepper motor wires.
+[* black] Plug the extruder stepper motor into the E0 location on the RAMBo board.

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