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-[* black] H
+[title] Routing Belts
+[* black] Rotate the stepper motor to the position shown in the photo. This location will give you the most available range of motion for tightening the belts after they are installed.
+[* black] Route the belt as shown in the diagram on step 15
+[* icon_caution] Be sure that the belt is not routed on the outside of the frame or carriage pieces! This will prevent motion.
+[* black] To thread the belt ends into the carriage, use a wire tie or the cut-off from a wire tie to guide the belt up into the belt slot.
+[* black] After you have threaded the belt into the carriage pull the belt end tight - you want to pull all the slack out of the belt.
+[* black] Install the second belt clamp
+[* black] You can trim excess belt, but leave approximately 1" past the belt clip.
+[* black] Complete the routing process for the remaining two towers.

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