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Step Lines

-[* black] H
+[title] Running Wiring
+[* black] For this step you will need the (3) pieces of TSLOT that came with your kit, and the remaining long lengths of wiring that are in the electronics pack ((2) pieces of 12awg black, (1) 12awg red, and (2) 26awg white wires). You will have one additional 12awg red that is 700mm long, that we will also prepare during this step.
+[* black] Run the wires through the towers as shown. One tower will get both a 12awg black wire and (2) 26awg white wires. If you have difficulty getting the wires through the extrusion, you can thinly tape the white wires to the black wire to assist. Remove the tape when finished.
+[* black] Crimp a yellow ring terminal onto the 700 long red 12awg wire.