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-[title] Configuring MatterControl and Calibrating your Rostock MAX v3
-[* black] [|Configuring MatterControl and Configuring your Rostock MAX v3]
-[* black] The calibration gcode file can be found [|here].
+[title] Adding your printer to MatterControl
+[* black] Open MatterControl and click the "Printers..." button and then click on the ***Add New Printer*** button.
+[* black] You'll be presented with a Setup Wizard that will allow you to enter the Make & Model of the printer you're adding. In this case, you'll chose ***SeeMeCNC*** for the Make and ***Rostock MAX v3*** for the model. Note that if you're using the SeeMeCNC branded version of MatterControl, SeeMeCNC will be the only Make available.
+[* black] The next page of the Setup Wizard will ask to install a Communications Driver. If you installed one during the MatterControl install process, you don't need to install a driver here. For Mac & Linux users, no driver is required.

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