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+[title] Optional Step: Install OctoPi
+[* black] [|You can download OctiPi from this location.] [|If you don't have a SSH client, you can download one from this link.]
+[* black] The SSH client is required in order to do the initial setup of the operating system on your Raspberry Pi.
+[* black] It's recommended that you follow the instructions titled "Getting Started with OctoPi"
+[* black] The video linked on the "Getting Started" page does a good job of covering what you need to do in order to configure OctoPi.
+[* icon_caution] Note that I've had some difficulty with the wifi if I encapsulate the SSID with double-quotes, eg. "my_ssid". If your SSID has spaces in it, and the Pi isn't appearing on your network, try using the single "'" quote instead of double quotes.
+[* icon_note] After running "raspi-config" to expand the file system, you'll want to run it again in order to set up your system for your current country and time zone.