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[title] Uploading the Firmware
[* black] Start the Arduino IDE if you haven't already and then click on "File" and then "Open". Change "Files of Type" to "Sketches (*.ino, *.pde)" Browse to the location where you unpacked the firmware. You may have to go in one or two more sub-directories to reach the folder named "Repetier". This is where the firmware source code is.
[* black] Click on the "Repetier" file that has the Arduino IDE logo associated with it. This will load all the firmware files into the IDE.
[* black] Click on the tab marked "Configuration.h". Locate the line "#define PRINTER". Change the value to match your printer model (default is 5 = Rostock Max v3)
+ [* black] Locate the line "#define HOTEND". Change the value to match your hot end. (Default is 3 = HE280)
[* black] Locate the line "#define MOTHERBOARD". This tells the firmware what kind of hardware you have. The Rostock Max v1, v2, and v3 use the RAMBo (301). Eris and Orions after 8/1/2016 use the Mini-RAMBo (302)
[* black] Locate the line "#define Power_Supply". by default it is set to 2 (Brick or Rail Style PSU). On older models of Rostock Max v2 and Orions equiped with an ATX supply you will need to change this variable to 1
[* black] Just like you did for the eeprom_clear program, click the "Play" button in order to compile and upload the new firmware to the Rambo. You should see "Done Uploading" in the status bar when it's finished.

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