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+[title] Clearing the EEPROM
+[* black] This step serves two purposes - first, it ensures that both the Arduino IDE configuration and Rambo are working. Second, it ensures that the EEPROM in the Rambo is cleared and ready to store your settings!
+[* black] Next, click on the "File" item and then scroll down to "Examples". Click on the "EEPROM" entry and then select "eeprom_clear". This will load the eeprom_clear program into the Arduino IDE.
+[* black] Click on the "Play" button as indicated by the arrow in the third image. This will compile the program and upload it to the Rambo. If all goes well, you'll see "Done uploading" in the bottom status bar of the Arduino IDE.
+[* black] The eeprom_clear program shows no outward sign that it's working, so don't worry about any lack of feedback.

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