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[title] Inserting/Locking the Bowden Tube
[* black] Slide one of the Lanyward PTC Clips onto the Bowden (PTFE) Tube.
+[* black] Loosen the PTC adapter in the top of the hot end EXACTLY 2 rotations. (This is the aluminum part on the top of the hot end that has two wrench flats.) You can get this loosened with a pair of need-nose pliers. Loosen the PTC Adapter ONLY 2 Rotations.
+[* black] You may need to take the top cover off of the HE280 to loosen the PTC adapter. If you do this and re-install, be careful not to pinch the fan wires.
[* black] Insert the Bowden (PTFE) Tube into the top of the hot end. Press the tube down until you feel it seat in the bottom of the hot end. Press the hot end effector down so the nozzle is against the glass plate and give the Bowden (PTFE) Tube one more good push to ensure that it is seated fully.
-[* black] With the Bowden (PTFE) Tube pressed down, you will now lift up on the black ring in the top of the hot end.
+[* black] While maintaining downward pressure on the PTFE tube, tighten the PTC adapter slowly. Ensure that the heat sink, and heater block are not rotating while you are tightening the PTC adapter.
+[* black] The PTC Adapter should tighten 2 full rotations (the amount you loosened it).This will cause the black ring in the top of the PTC adapter to rise up as its teeth engage the PTFE tube.
[* black] Insert the PTC Lanyard onto the black ring in the top of the hotend. This will secure the Bowden (PTFE) Tube and prevent it from being able to work its way out of the hot end.
[* icon_caution] It is critical that the PTFE is fully seated in the hotend. If it is not it can result in the hot end jamming.