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+[title] EZR Struder Assembly
+[* black] This animation highlight the assembly / installation of the EZR Struder.
+[* black] Your EZR Struder will come nearly fully assembled from SeeMeCNC.
+[* black] Attach the EZR Struder assembly to your NEMA 17 stepper motor using the provided M3x10mm screws
+[* black] Install and securely fasten the Direct Drive Roller (Hobbed Gear) on to the stepper motor shaft. The set screw should be aligned and tightened onto the flat of the stepper motor shaft. (for those previously using the EZStruder, you will need to flip your Direct Drive Roller (Hobbed Gear) 180 degrees.
+[* black] Attach the EZRStruder to your machine (the mounting holes pattern is the same as the EZStruder).


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