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Changes to Step #4

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Step Lines

[* black] Locate the Carriage Mounting Plate, M10 Anti-BackLash Nut, 10-32 Knurled Thumb Screw, (3) #4 Pan Head Phillips Screws, and (3)#4 Washers.
+ [* black] NOTE: You should have tapped the 2 holes in the carriage mounting plate as part of the Preparing For the Build Steps. If you have not done that yet, please do so now.
[* black] The Carriage Mounting Plate is symetrical, so it does not matter which side you attach the Anti-Backlash nut to, so long as the orientation from the animation is kept in regards to the Anti-Backlash nut and the Knurled Thumb Screw
[* black] The #4 Pan Head screws will self tap into the Anti-Backlash nut. At this time, you should NOT fully tighten these screws.
[* black] You can however fully tighten the Knurled Thumb Screw.